Ordinary people taking extraordinary action

We live in extraordinary times. The world of nearly 400 ppm CO2 in the atmosphere is an increasingly dangerous place. And yet, the fossil fuel industry are doing their utmost to seek out and pump ever more carbon into our economies – putting everyone at risk just to increase their record-breaking profits. Floods, droughts, heatwaves, fires, super-storms – that is what the rest of us are being left to cope with.

Thankfully, there are ever-growing numbers of ordinary people who are taking extraordinary action, and often taking extraordinary risks, because they believe there is still hope: activists against megadams in South America, the front line actions of Idle No More against tar-sand expansion, the jailed founder of Friends of the Earth Korea, Mr. Yul Choi; and recently the Arctic 30 group of Greenpeace activists, jailed for acting peacefully and selflessly against Arctic oil drilling.

On November 10 (just a few days away!) we're joining the Reclaim Power day of action. Together with communities around the world, we'll celebrate the stories of people taking extraordinary action past and present. And we'd like to invite you to join us.

Do you know a story of an ordinary person who has taken extraordinary action in your village, city, or country? Would you share it with us? Environmental defenders, like the Arctic 30 or someone you might know, are ordinary people who have been doing extraordinary things in the fight against dirty fuels. We want to link these stories, to #FreetheArctic30, and to celebrate those among us ready for extraordinary action. 

Please share your story here, and let's show the world that people power cannot be silenced --despite the attempts to silence the people who are devoted to protect our future, no one can stop all the ordinary people from doing extraordinary things. Not all of us can be on ships defending the arctic, but all of us, everywhere, have our own extraordinary potential. 

November 10 is about heroes both well known and unheralded. It is for you. It is for everyone who has struggled and sacrificed to protect our shared world and all of us living on it.