We hope, dream, and believe

As Yeb Sano took his first fasted day, the communities hit by Typhoon Haiyan unfortunately have had little food or water for five days. Last night, the President declared the country at a state of national calamity. Amidst foreign donations pouring in to the government, there has been little response yet for a full-force relief mobilization in affected areas.

Last year’s UN Climate Talk was also the height of Super Typhoon Bopha in the Philippines. Commissioner Yeb Sano was brought to tears in his appeal “...no more delays please…no more excuses…!” We cried and dreamed with him as we deeply hoped the tragedy brought by Typhoon Bopha could help change our course away from climate catastrophe.

But back home, just four months ago during the State of the Nation Address, we were shocked to hear our President endorsing more coal-fired power plant projects. In his last 3 years alone, he has approved 4500MW of coal capacity. This kind of madness must also stop!

We couldn’t agree more with our Negotiator’s bold stand at COP19. But as we continue to bear the wrath of climate change, may this boldness be translated into concrete actions back home.

We have had enough already! But we are challenged to raise hell and look at the eye of the storm without fear. Vulnerable as we are, we still hope, dream, and believe.