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350 in the Arctic - "Like a Sticky Sweet Chocolate Sauce"

350.org has partnered with Voyage For the Future--a recent expedition coordinated by WWF that young people from all over the world to see the effects of the climate crisis first hand. One of the "Ambassadors For Change" is Casper ter Kuile, a co-founder of the brand spanking new UK Climate Coalition--here's his report:

350 is starting to spread all over the world map, like a good, sticky chocolate sauce. Last month, 18 young people from nine different countries took it to the top of the world – to the Arctic.

We were there - not just to be trained in the science of climate change by top scientists, nor just to be given the skills to be powerful communicators – but it energised and empowered us beyond our wildest desires, yet another group of committed and practical-thinking youth to help lead the global climate movement.

We swam in the Arctic Ocean to demonstrate how unnatural the extent of sea-ice loss is, we met the Norwegian Royal Family to talk about their role as state figures, and we decided to develop a viral idea to make it go global. The Green Finger Project. People from the all around the world are showing that climate change matters to them, and voicing what they want to protect.

So for us, the voyage is certainly not over. Since we’ve been back, we've become more active on fighting climate change than ever before. And we have a big, common goal. That is - to make sure that in 2009, when decision-makers meet in Copenhagen to follow up the Kyoto Protocol, they will make the right decisions and will unite to fight this global security threat, this major health threat, this climate crisis.

Our generation will not accept failure. A Global Climate Movement will not accept failure.

Young people will lead in this fight. It is our generation who are inheriting this earth, and our generation who will have to deal with, pay for and live with the consequences of today’s actions.

This is why we have created the UK Youth Climate Coalition. To unite diverse groups of young people – be they political, environmental, social, sporting, faith-based, whatever – to create a strong voice that cannot not be ignored. We will stand together with people from all over the world to demonstrate that we are ready to fight climate change, and that our leaders must listen to the science – and to us.

Casper ter Kuile

Co-Founder UK YCC


Ross Gelbspan: $350 billion for 350 ppm

Ross Gelbspan is a leading voice in the struggle for a clean energy future. He is the author of a number of books on global warming, including The Heat is On. Please read the following piece, a look at how we can get to 350 ppm:

Cosmically enough, 350 turns out to be a magic number for the 21st Century.

That is the number of parts of atmospheric carbon dioxide that could spare us from the ravages of climate change.

It is also the number that could finance the transformation of this civilization, with its intolerable poverty and grotesque inequity, into a far more cooperative, secure and peaceful world.


Holistic Solutions in Johannesburg

Check out this excellent video about South Africa's Greenhouse Project, produced by our friends at Global Oneness Project.


Partner Spotlight: Green Empowerment helps Bring Light to a Peruvian Village

Today we share an inspiring from one of our new partners, Green Empowerment, based in Portland, OR in the northwestern United States. Green Empowerment works with local groups in the Global South to implement sustainable development technologies. Read on for more about finding practical solutions to rural electrification and climate change high in the Peruvian Andes...


Holyrood 350 Campaign in Scotland, UK

One of the most gratifying moments in the advocacy world must be the point after you have sent an idea out into the world, putting yourself and your ideas out on a limb, when you find that others are having the same idea and acting of their own accord in tandem with you. So much the more so in global projects like 350.org, because to act upon the same values the idea must transcend cultural barriers that normally separate us from one another.

It was last Friday when the rumors I was hearing of a 350ppm campaign in the UK were solidified, and personified, too, with Justin Kenrick and John Riley emailing me at 350.org.  Holyrood 350, a Scotland-based climate advocacy project, has launched in fine style...


Vision for the Future

This piece, written by 350 messenger, Deepa Gupta, was originally posted on Whatwiththeclimate.org, India's new youth climate blog, on July 25.  This is what real leadership looks like, and it will be exciting to witness how such vision will soon manifest as youth leaders from across India meet for their first Indian Youth Climate Summit in Hyderabad this week...

Vision of young people is simple – we want to enjoy a stable climate that our parents grandparents have enjoyed, one without hundreds and thousands of refugees, resource scarcity, and natural disasters.

The IPCC has stated that to give us a 50% chance of preventing two degrees warming we will require global emissions to be stabilized at 450ppm. Now, even venture capitalists would agree that 50% chance of return isn’t a worthwhile investment. Imagine the loss of this investment resulting in the destruction of our planet. My vision for the long term is that India makes to the 350ppm target, which gives us a strong chance at preventing runaway climate change. Clean technology will need a very strong presence to make this vision reality.

My vision of the next 12 months, which will progress beyond that, is somewhat Gandhi-an.


Forestry in the UN Climate Negotiations: a Primer

At last year's UN Climate Change conference in Bali, Indonesia, forestry and land use emerged as one of the major areas highlighted in the negotiating process and in advocacy efforts. With land use change accounting for an estimated 20% of carbon emissions worldwide, its no wonder why this part of the process is so crucial and has garnered so much attention from activists, the media, and negotiators. Yet with its many acronyms (LULUCF, REDD, etc...) and opaque language, it's also no wonder why it's difficult to understand what's really being talked about. Luckily our friends at the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) have helped to break it down a little. Read on for a lesson in LULUCF, or "Land Use, Land-Use Change and Forestry", which refers to the mechanism for accounting for carbon emissions from land use change in Annex 1, i.e. industrialized, countries.


Animated Activism

Just two days ago we stumbled upon a clever mathematical magic trick. If you haven't checked it out already, dust off your abacus and head to www.thinkofanumber.net. It really boils down the cutting edge climate science into a, well, more manageable form. Forget those supercomputer climate modeling scenarios - you can find the answers to the world's climate questions with the math skills you learned in gradeschool.

Well, today we heard of something even grander: an animated film of Al Gore giving the very same math lesson. Enjoy the film, and thanks to those creative minds for scheming this up!