350 Updates

Climate News: 20 Square Km Piece Breaks off Arctic Ice Shelf

"The rate we are losing ice is phenomenal. This (climate change) is real. I think a lot of people don't understand how fast things are changing up here", said Gary Stern yesterday, a Canadian scientist from the University of Manitoba, in response to giant piece of ice, 20 square kilometers or 7 square miles, that just broke off of the Ward Hunt Ice Shelf. This massive piece breaking loose ought to serve as yet another climate wake-up call in a long trend of rapidly accelerating ice melt in polar regions.


Think of a Number

Yesterday while skimming the web, searching for new partners, cool news hits, and the latest climate change impacts, we happened upon a cool new website. We have a hunch you'll like it too...you might even call it a 350 action!


South Africa forges path to carbon reductions

In terms of energy, South Africa has more than a few lemons.

Sometimes wilderness first-aid professionals talk about lemons -- not the fruit, but the strikes against the unaware hiker or climber that can add up to disaster, like an impending storm, a broken toe or a heart condition. Alone, they don't suggest imminent death, but add them together, and the "lemons" have the potential for messing up up a perfectly good hiking trip.


How Do You Want to Take Action?


Wow. What a whirlwind this has been already. When we launched our global climate campaign six weeks ago, we knew that our small organizing team didn't have all the answers. We put our trust in you all, and it worked - all kinds of creative actions and ideas have been popping up. Now we're launching some new tools to help spread these project ideas around the world. Check them out and get involved...


'350 Athletes' Gearing Up for the Cause

This post is written by Andrew Gardner, coordinator of the 350 Athletes project affiliated with 350.org. Using the hard edge of athleticism to push hard edge global warming policy, the project bringing these pro athletes together has incredible potential.

We’re tying together 350 elite athletes from around the world. Simply put, we’re playing the numbers. We’re lining up 350 elite futball players, skiers, hockey stars, cyclists, swimmers, and so on to use their visibility, their notoriety and their influence to push 350. These folks have considerable sway in their respective international athletic circles and from there it is a short note, or email or mobile text to get the word out about 350.

The culture of elite athletics is influence and imitation...


The Sound of Hope and Spirit

Today we've launched a new global project. Along with the ongoing 350 Postcards Project, we're introducing an effort started by church groups in Massachussets, USA, and now expanding to include spiritual communities of all kinds around the world...

It's essential that our movement convey the moral and spiritual implication of fighting climate change. Faith communities have the unique capacity to comunicate and address those deeper elements of this movement.

Some groups are already taking the lead in organizing actions for 350. In Massachusetts and elsewhere in the United States, churches have begun a campaign to ring their church bells 350 times and spread the 350 call to action.

We're inviting all faith communities around the world to add their voices – or noises of any sound really -- 350 times.


Introducing the 350 Team: Teresa

Hi everyone!

My name's Teresa and I've been working as a summer intern for 350.org helping with translation and outreach in my home country, Spain, and in parts of Latin America. Today I leave to head home to Spain for a month. I tried to escape without recording my video but I had no option...

So here I am introducing myself! Thank you so much to the 350 team for letting me be part of this wonderful project and for being so great, and thank you all for your actions, your support, your ideas and your enthusiasm!

Let's keep on working to spread word about 350!


S.A. Minister Details Effects of Climate Change

Governments all across the world are seeing not only the environmental, but also the economic impacts of global warming.  Yesterday, South African Minister van Schalkwyk addressed a conference citing evidence from yet another alarming International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report about the effects of climate change, published at the end of June this year, that showed the potential damage to one of South Africa's most celebrated and popular conservation and tourism areas could be devastating.