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Grassroots Action in Visby, Sweden

This blog comes to us courtesy of Jonas Paulsson through the website of Klimax, a Swedish climate direct action group. A group of his friends appeared at a speech by the Prime Minister of Sweden, Fredrik Reinfeldt, brandishing 350PPM banners and calling attention to the need for political leadership on climate. Congrats to the Klimax activists on their action, and for holding Sweden's leaders accountable to scientific necessity for bolder climate targets!

*Note: This post is in Swedish. If you'd like to read the full blog in English, click here to use Google Translate to translate the original Klimax page.

Agera nu för 350 ppm!

Idag, fredag, under Fredrik Reinfeldts tal i Almedalen vecklade aktivister från Klimax och Planka.nu ut banderoller med budskapet “350 ppm”... Continue reading in Swedish


Australian Direct Action!

The climate movement is heating up down under. Check out this report from activist Anna Rose which appeared on itsgettinghotinhere.org...

Right now I’m feeling so excited and happy about what happened today in Newcastle, my hometown in Australia. Around 1,200 people today took direct action to stop the disastrous environmental impact of the world’s biggest coal port in Newcastle. The spirited and colourful protest was made up of a diverse mix of people including families, coal workers and activists … even some zombies, clowns, and radical cheerleaders. Many people made it on to the rail line - through or under the fence - and coal transport in Newcastle was shut down for the entire day. No coal trains got through.


Introducing the 350 Team: Nathaly Agosto Filion

Hello 350 supporters!!

My name is Nathaly. I rounded up the courage to make this short video in Spanish and English as a quick intro to me – I hope you enjoy it (skip to the second half for the English)! First of all, thanks so much for helping us out and for stepping up to the plate to help solve the climate crisis!


Stories from 20+ Years

I think I've heard Bill McKibben speak more times than I have fingers and toes at this point. Working with him gives the team of us at 350.org the chance to watch even nuanced themes develop in his talks, following the most recent articles he's written or the latest book release. This talk, from the end of his time in Sweden just a week ago, digs back into the archives as well, though, and Bill pulls stories from 20 years ago while writing his first book, The End of Nature, 10 years ago in Bangladesh, and his more recent organizing history, with which we're more intimately familiar.

It's sometimes amazing to listen again to the long arc of this movement, and Bill has been there for most all of it - witnessing it, thinking about it, and participating in it. Check out his latest.


Cutting Carbon -- New Article in The Christian Century

Here's a new article by Bill McKibben recently published in The Christian Century

In the last year or so, the data about climate change has grown steadily darker. The scale and the pace of global warming seem larger and faster than we realized even a few years ago. Perhaps the most powerful proof was the rapid melt of Arctic sea ice last summer. By the time the long Arctic night descended in October, the Northwest Passage had been wide open for weeks, and the old record for minimum sea ice had been broken by 25 percent, a result so off the charts that scientists were shaken.


Gender, Climate Change, and Human Security

Our friends at WEDO (Women's Environment and Development Organization) recently published a study entitled "Gender, Climate Change, and Human Security." WEDO is doing very important work highlighting gender issues within the climate change struggle. Check it out here.


Introducing the 350 Team: Will Bates

Over the next few days and weeks we're going to provide a bit more of an introduction to who we are, the 350.org coordinating team. No there aren't 350 people behind this operation -- we're a small team of mostly young people. You can read a brief introduction to the team as a whole by clicking here. Also, you can watch a great video narrated by 350 team member Jamie Henn by clicking here. And stay tuned for more posts introducing the team coming soon. I'll kick them off...

I've been doing grassroots climate activism of various sorts for a good three or four years now -- what a whirlwind few years it's been. I got my start with the climate movement as a student in college here in Vermont, USA (a lovely little corner of the planet that's doing much to lead the charge against climate change), and it has been the focus of my life since then.

After college some of our present 350 team and I helped organize a 5 day walk across Vermont demanding action on climate change. The momemtum from that effort led us to larger national organizing with Step It Up 2007 here in the states. And now, after the extraordinary experience of traveling to the UN climate change conference in Bali, Indonesia and other travels in South Asia, I've ended up as part of our little team, and growing movement, shooting to reshape global action on climate change.


G8: Garbage In, Garbage Out

The newspapers reported today that G-8 leaders had reached an agreement of sorts on cutting global warming emissions by half by mid-century. But it wasn't a real agreement, they said—more of a way to put off the argument. Which is a least a little bit of good news—because that level of reductions is so feeble that it will allow the planet to slide right over the brink of disaster. It's not just us—our friends at AVAAZ called it “mush,” Greenpeace said it was “nothing but flower words,” and Oxfam said it “did nothing to lower the risk faced by the world's poor.” The World Wildlife Federation termed it downright pathetic.