350 Updates

Bill, Live from Tällberg, Sweden

You might remember the Tällberg Foundation from our news this past Monday, when they coordinated over 150 signatories endorsing the 350 ppm goal in full page ads around the world. Well, those ads were in fact only a kickoff to their yearly Tällberg Forum, where world leaders, scientists, activists and experts gather to discuss the pressing issues of the day. This year, along with James Hansen and Desmond Tutu, our own Bill McKibben has been invited to speak. If you've got a free moment, check out some of the events, in this video archive. Bill spoke on Sunday, June 29, at 8.30AM Central European Summer Time (CEST) for a discussion on public opinion, and at 4:00PM (16.00) CEST for closing remarks.


Faith in Action

For the last couple weeks an exciting new campaign has been emerging in collaboration with 350.org. Several Christian communities have begun ringing their church bells 350 times in an effort to sound their hope for achieving a safe and just climate. Among the leaders of this new effort is Rev. Jim Antal, President of the Massachusetts Conference of the United Church of Christ in the United States. Here's his brief report from the start of this campaign...

"Beginning June 22, 2008, one by one, United Church of Christ congregations throughout Massachusetts have begun to ring their bells 350 times to educate their communities about the peril of global warming and our common cause to address it. Some of the church bells are too old to take 350 rings – and some churches don’t even have steeples or steeple bells -- so hand-bells are used as substitutes. Our goal is to have 350 of our almost 400 UCC churches ring their bells before the 350th day of the year (December 15).


350.org on Media Mulch Web-TV

When we talk about spreading this movement using new media, we're talking about blogs, homemade youtube videos, text messaging and SMS. But it turns out TV's got a new spin on it too, as shown by our new friends at Titan Greens. They've got a web-TV show, Media Mulch, that digs into the environmental news of the day. And thanks to the news that's been spreading like wildfire about 350, they made a news segment on 350.org! Check out that familiar website and the goofy commentary that goes with it on the Media Mulch website, and let's keep building the buzz around 350.


Stop the Alberta Tar Sands!

Our friends at Greenpeace Canada just released a new tool in their efforts to fight Tar Sands development. It's a mock website, called Traveling Alberta, designed to expose the incongruities between the Alberta government promoting tourism and tar sands oil development at the same time. Read on to learn more!


Scottish Action on Climate Change's Way to 350

We're working hard to make the science of 350 known around the world and spark the kind of global web of connections that can help make it happen. We depend deeply upon our friends and allies in this movement to work alongside us on the policies and mechanisms that can achieve the fair solutions in getting us there. Every step that we take towards a global agreement adopting the 350 ppm benchmark is relying on the experts on countless policies to make the case for a equitable way to get there. Following is a guest post by John Riley, head of Scottish Action on Climate Change and involved in the UK's Stop Climate Chaos, talking about his interest in climate activism and his wholehearted advocacy for the mechanism of Contraction and Convergence to achieve our carbon targets.


Calling all craftivists! Join the Creativity 350 Craft Challenge...

Craftivism, n. --- a form of activism, typically for social justice, environmentalism or feminism, that is centred around practices of craft - especially handicrafts. (Wikipedia)

Whether you consider yourself traditionally an activist, a crafter, or neither, it's time to get out the knitting needles, sewing machines, and fabric scraps, and start thinking about what creation you can make this summer to help spread the word about the number 350. We don't have all the ideas - we need your help to spread the word in the most creative and unique ways you can dream up. That's why 350.org has teamed up with 5 awesome crafting websites - Craftster, BurdaStyle, Etsy, Thrifty Fun, and Craft Magazine to bring you the Creativity 350 Challenge.


20 years later

20 Years ago, top NASA scientist Dr. James Hansen testified in front of the United States congress on the need to reduce our CO2 emissions and stop the march towards potentially catastrophic climate change. Yesterday -- on the 20th anniversary of that testimony -- he spoke again, this time pointing to the fact that not much has changed at the national level. Climate bills have come to the floor and died, and our CO2 emissions have risen alarmingly.


Monday Media Roundup

This morning, we not only saw the ads below appear in newsstands, but also, additional articles about 350.org popped up in Reuters, the Guardian, and the Washington Post.

Keep reading for a post by Bill McKibben, currently spreading the 350 message in Italy. He also penned that piece, referenced above, in the Washington Post.