350 Updates

It's All Ad-ding Up

Question: What do the New York Times, the Financial Times, and the International Herald Tribune have in common?

Answer: Yes, they're all internationally distributed, big-name newspapers. But today they have an extra-added bonus connection - they're all carrying full page ads talking about 350.


Inspiring the world to 350

As the summer heat starts to build across Italy, people are thinking about climate change. I've just come from a festival of one-act plays about global warming called 'Climate of Concern' that featured the work of some of the finest writers on the planet. The novelist Don DeLillo, for instance,who contributed a very funny and very moving drama about a man journeying for advice to a guru who has little left to give. The growing involvement of the arts in this fight is one of the best pieces of news we have.


UN and G8 pass, drop ball

Last November, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) agreed to continue to negotiate on a climate agreement. In the absence of real CO2 targets, they wrote in the Bali Roadmap that CO2 emissions should "peak and decline" with no definite time period provided.


An exciting launch . . .

We just launched our website a day ago and are happy to see the warm reception it's gotten online. Before we get into that, though, a big thanks to all of our web developers, volunteer translators, and our talented friends at Free Range Studios who put together our groovy animation. 350.org is a collaborative campaign which means we're counting on you to help build out the site, spread the word, and build the movement however you can.

Read on to see what people are saying about 350.org and our new video:


A Welcome From Bill McKibben

Hello friends--

We've spent a few months building this website, and we hope you like it. We do--we're enormously grateful to the volunteers who have it running in eight languages already, and to the talented people who made the movies, figured out the graphs and charts, coded all the features.

But it really doesn't mean anything unless you now use it to get involved.


Action Spotlight: Indian Youth -- Just Getting Started

India is on the 350 action map!

In the last few months a new youth movement has begun to take form in India: the Indian Youth Climate Network. You can read more about their rapidly growing network at their new blog: www.whatswiththeclimate.org.

Already, in their earliest stages, they're charging ahead with action.



U.S. Senators: the Science says 350

Just last weekend, as the first climate bill discussed in the senate failed, we gathered forty friends and supporters to gather outside California Senator Barbara Boxer's office near the 350.org office in San Francisco to send a message to her and to the media.



Spanish Fuel Riots - A bilingual Blog Post

This next post comes courtesy of Teresa Nino, a member of the 350 team. As one of our translators, you can see her work here, as she's written her blog in Spanish and English! Roads are blocked, food is running out in the supermarkets and violence is breaking out. As we all know, oil prices are skyrocketing in the entire world and triggering obvious consequences: filling the tank with gas is more and more expensive, taxi fares are going through the roof and so are food prices. When will this stop?