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Wellington, New Zealand: 

Howick, South Africa

Beijing, China: 

Istanbul, Turkey: 

Kerala, India: 

Dhaka, Bangladesh: 

Kabul, Afghanistan: 

West Virginia, USA: 

Antipolo City, Philippines: 

Cape Town, South Africa: 

Johannesburg, South Africa: 

Cochabamba, Bolivia: 

Bauchi State, Nigeria: 

Vilandi, India: 

Noakhali, Bangladesh: 

Queretaro, Mexico: 

Masshad, Iran: 

Babylon, Iraq: 

Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA: 

Singapore, Singapore: 

Kiula, Sri Lanka: 

Sydney, Australia: 

Kuwait Towers, Kuwait: 

Hamadan, Iran: 

Namib Desert, Namibia: 

Port Elizabeth, South Africa: 

Windhoek, Namibia: 

Dumagute, Philippines: 

Palasari, Bali, Indonesia: 

Sharjah, UAE: 

Salaya Nakornpathom, Thailand: 

Clinton Township, Michigan, USA: 

Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia: 

Panauti, Nepal: 


Rabatt, Morocco: 

Hamadan, Iran: 

Lekki, Nigeria: 

Maracaibo, Venezuela: 

Rawalpindi, Pakistan: 

Bangalore, India: 

Jos Plataeu, Nigeria: 

Winestead Hall, UK: 

Boracay Island, Philippines: 

Bumthang, Bhutan: 

Isafjordur, Iceland: 

Bhagalpur, India: 

Shangri-la, China: 


Jhalawar, Rajasthan, India: 

Beijing, China: 

Maputo, Mozambique: 

Changzhou, China: 

Davenport, USA:

Berlin, Germany: 

Hargeisa, Somaliland, Somalia: 

Geneva, Switzerland: 

Ramallah, Palestine: 

Rosh Ha'ayin, Israel: 


Amman, Jordan: 

Boston, MA, USA: 

Yerevan, Armenia: 

Baku, Azerbaijan: 

Washington, DC: 

Yangon, Myanmar: 

Bangkok, Thailand: 

Majuro, Marshall Islands: 

Nairobi, Kenya: 

Miami, Florida: 

Karaganda, Kazakhstan: 

Munich, Germany: 

Koror, Palau: 

Bopol, India: 

Burlington, VT: 

San Francisco, USA: 

Oakland, USA: 

Villa do Tarrafal, Cape Verde: 

Constanza, Dominican Republic: 

Minneapolis, USA: 

Thungsong, Thailand: 

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania: 

Rome, Italy: 

Kotagiri, India: 




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10/10/10 Global Work Party: Early Highlights


Ellen Page for and the 10/10/10 Global Work Party

10/10/10 Work Party at Alemany Farm in San Francisco Introductory Animation Co-founder Phil Aroneanu on Al Jazeera

President Nasheed Solar Installation

10/10/10 Climate Party in Beijing, China 

10/10/10 By the Numbers

Here are some of the useful statistics to know about the 10/10/10 Global Work Party:

  • 7,000+ events in 188 countries
  • 2,000+ events in the United States
  • 200 events in India
  • 300 events in China
  • 200 events in California pushing back on Prop 23
  • 10 in Burma, 10 in Iran
  • 100,000+ trees planted on 10/10/10
  • 100+ solar panels installed on 10/10/10
  • 100+ miles of coastline cleaned up on 10/10/10


Check out quotes below from:

  • Kumi Naidoo, Greenpeace International Executive Director
  • Christiana Figueres, UN Climate Cheif
  • Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins, CEO of Green For All
  • Danny Kennedy, founder of Sungevity
  • Roger Toussaint, President of Transport Workers Union, Local 100 of New York City
  • Ban Ki-moon, United Nations Secretary
  • Ellen Page, Actress (Juno & Inception)
  • Ben Lowe, Democratic Nominee for Congress, IL06
  • Alexi Giannoulias, Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate in Illinois
  • Kendrick Meek, Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate in Florida
  • Senator Robert P. Casey, Jr., U.S. Senator (PA)
  • Senator Maria Cantwell, U.S. Senator (D-WA)
  • Senator Benjamin L. Cardin, Senator (D-MD)
  • Senator Bernard Sanders, U.S. Senator (D-VT)
  • Jeremy Hobbs, Oxfam executive director

Kumi Naidoo, Greenpeace International Executive Director, said: "The Global Work Party is a challenge to our politicians for real climate action, not just talk. Citizens in almost every country are pulling up their sleeves to make the energy revolution a reality. The demand to our political leaders couldn’t be clearer: 'We are acting on climate, it's time for politicians to do the same'.”

UN climate chief Christiana Figueres said, "I congratulate you on your work and I want to offer my personal support to the Global Work Party. I urge you to continue your inspiring work. When citizens are inspired to take action, it is easier for governments to initiate real climate change action. That is exactly what governments need to rally around urgently. They need to be determined to arrive at compromises that move the world towards winning the battle against climate change."

“The newest incarnation of environmentalism is not just looking at how we can prevent climate change. It is looking at how the Earth, and caring for the planet, can protect and preserve us by building the clean energy economy,"  Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins, CEO of Green For All.

“This election is all about job creation and the clean energy sector is growing ten times faster then the rest of the economy,” said Danny Kennedy, founder of Sungevity, a California based solar company. “Our company has directly created 100 jobs right here in Oakland. On 10/10/10, we’re asking politicians to create millions more jobs by supporting strong climate and energy legislation.”

“Transportation is only one of the sectors of the economy that has enormous potential to be a wellspring of the climate-friendly jobs with dignity,” said Roger Toussaint, President of Transport Workers Union, Local 100 of New York City. “On 10/10/10, we’re advocating for the policies that will help put our country back to work and create the green economy that will sustain global life.”

“It’s time for us to roll up our sleeves and get to work on building the clean energy future that will generate economic opportunity and provide a better, safer, healthier world for our children,” said United Nations Secretary Ban Ki-moon. “On October 10, I encourage everyone to do his or her part to be part of the solution to the climate challenge.”

“I’m tired of sitting around and watching politicians argue,” said Actress Ellen Page, who sent a video endorsing the day and is riding her bike in an event in Los Angeles. “It’s time for them to stop talking and start doing.”

“We desperately need good jobs in Illinois, and the clean energy economy is our best option for putting people back to work while tackling the urgent climate crisis.  But we will never muster the political will to pass robust clean energy legislation without the grassroots leadership of groups like  So, on 10/10/10, my campaign for Congress is spearheading a Global Work Party event in the Illinois 6th Congressional District. We are standing alongside the efforts of because clean energy is not solely a Democratic or Republican priority; it is a moral priority, an American priority, and one that I am proud to champion for our district." - Ben Lowe, Democratic Nominee for Congress, IL06

“I applaud’s 10/10/10 Global Work Party and its focus on building a clean energy future to lift us out of recession, address the threat of climate change, and end our dependence on foreign oil. I believe that we need to invest now in the clean energy jobs of tomorrow – good-paying positions that can’t be outsourced and that modernize our energy policy in addition to creating jobs. I believe that the road to America's energy independence runs right through the prairies of Illinois, not the Gulf of Mexico. In Illinois alone, we have more than 2,500 companies that have created more than 28,000 clean energy jobs, like building wind turbines, weatherizing homes, building a more efficient electricity grid that reaches every corner
of Illinois, and producing energy from waste. As a Senator, I’ll fight to build on this foundation with the right kind of government incentives so that we can grow clean energy businesses and put America
back to work.” -Alexi Giannoulias, Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate in Illinois

"I applaud the work of the 'Global Work Party' on 10/10/10 to combat the threat of climate change and move our world to a clean energy future. We must all do our part to fight global warming, and taking practical steps together to reduce carbon emissions is a must for our environmental and economic future. As the only candidate in this U.S. Senate race who supports comprehensive clean energy reform, including a cap-and-trade system, I commend your work today, and look forward to bringing these views to the U.S. Senate on behalf of the Sunshine State.” -Kendrick Meek, Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate in Florida

“Grassroots efforts to develop and deploy clean energy and other solutions to climate change, which can reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations, will certainly help to reverse the impacts we are seeing today from a warming climate. I have long supported the need for comprehensive climate legislation and I remain optimistic that the Senate will move on a climate bill in 2011. It is critically important that such legislation put forward a timetable for reducing human-made emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases while promoting clean energy jobs and energy security for the Nation.” - Robert P. Casey, Jr., U.S. Senator (PA)

“Congratulations and thank you for participating in what we hope is the largest assemblage of carbon pollution cutting events our planet has ever seen,” said U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell (D-WA).  “We need your voices now more than ever to overcome the special-interest polluters and science-denying politicians who are blocking our urgently needed transition to a clean energy future.  Our dangerous overdependence on fossil fuels threatens the ecosystems we depend on and hinders efforts to build new growth industries that can support millions of high-wage, ‘green-collar’ jobs while providing more affordable energy choices.  I believe setting a simple, fair, and transparent price on carbon is the key to tackling global warming and realizing the promise of a clean energy future.  That’s why I so appreciate Bill McKibben’s support of the bipartisan CLEAR Act climate legislation that I proposed with my colleague from Maine, Senator Susan Collins.”

“Today thousands of events are taking place as people participate in a Global Work Party, the largest day of carbon-cutting action in the planet’s history. Here in Maryland, people are getting to work on building a new, clean energy future for America. The most important step we can take to address global warming is to reduce the level of carbon dioxide we emit. To do this, we must put a price on carbon, increase investment in new technology, and set aside funds to help mitigate the inevitable impacts of climate change. Addressing climate change in a meaningful way will be a challenge, but is also an opportunity. I believe it is critical to Marylanders and all Americans that we pass legislation that moves our nation towards a greener economy and begins to reverse global warming. In the meantime, I send my sincere congratuations to all of you who are working today to build a new energy future for America.” -Senator Benjamin L. Cardin, Senator (D-MD)

Opening paragraph from a 1 page letter of endorsement/support: “I would like to take this opportunity to command you for the efforts you are undertaking throughout Burlington to raise awareness about the need for action on global warming among your friends, neighbors, and community members. Thanks to the efforts of Bill McKibben and, we are seeing a true grassroots movement taking shape in Vermont, in the United States, and in fact in countries all across our planet. Everyone is coming together to recognize global warming is real, it is serious, and we need to do something about it.” -Bernard Sanders, U.S. Senator (D-VT)

Oxfam executive director Jeremy Hobbs said: "Climate change is wiping out crops today and making it difficult for the poorest people, especially women, to feed their families. October 10 kicks off a week of action to highlight the efforts of ordinary people around the world to adapt to changing weather. But they can't do it alone. We need our leaders to do more to achieve a political solution to tackle climate change. They can rejuvenate the climate talks in Cancun later this year and save lives by establishing a new climate fund and delivering on their $100 billion-a-year promise by 2020 to cut emissions and help vulnerable people to protect themselves."