People of Faith

Communities of faith are at the forefront of the 350 movement. (Click here to see photos from 350 Faith events over the past several years. Churches, mosques, synagogues, and temples—people from all spiritual traditions are joining in the call for 350.

Starting as far back as December of 2008 hundreds of churches rang their church bells 350 times in the United States. Since then the bell ringing actions, drumming, shofar blowing, and other kinds of spiritual celebrations of 350 have stretched all across the globe.

350 represents more than just a scientific benchmark for a safe climate – there are also deeply moral and spiritual reasons for getting the world back below 350 ppm CO2. Social justice, creation care, stewardship, earth community, beloved community—there are many ways we can name and express our moral and spiritual perspectives on this issue. We invite people of all faiths and all traditions to join with us in prayer, meditation, action, and celebration for 350.

Ways your faith community can get involved

  • Host a climate organizing workshop. Houses of worship are ideal places to gather a community together and organize locally. Use the information on to get started and contact us at to see how we can support your planning.
  • Join together with other faith groups. See the list below and get connected with one of the existing organizations already connecting climate to spiritual values.
  • Talk to your faith leaders about discussing climate. If the head of your faith community isn't already aware of what climate change means from a spiritual perspective, talk to them about what it means to you. Addressing important issues start with meaningful conversations.

More faith-based organizations, resources, and campaigns on climate change...